Terms of Service

  • LoudTwitter is a service meant to help people gather all their blogging activities in one place.
  • LoudTwitter is not affiliated with Twitter (but we love them!)
  • It's Loudtwitter commitment to provide the best possible service on the free time of its author, however it comes with no guarantee of any kind
  • LoudTwitter tries hard to minimize the security risks of storing users password: You should be able to login with OpenID (no password) and to post using email (no password). If instead you choose to use passwords, it's your responsability, not LoudTwitter's
  • However LoudTwitter guarantees that no evil usage of your personnal data (email, password) will be made knowingly. LoudTwitter has no intention to share your data with any third-party.
  • For delivery control and internal statistics, LoudTwitter may insert trackers in batches delivered to you.

Loudtwitter is partially back. Please get the latest info from our twitter account and blog. Expects service disturbance for the time being. We're sorry for the inconvenience and work hard to be 100% back online.