Blog compatibility


The recommended way of posting your tweets on your TypePad blog if you have a PRO account is to invite LoudTwitter as a guest author.

Otherwise LoudTwitter can use your credentials to post using the Atom API, or using the secret moblog address of your TypePad account.


Vox can generate a specific secret email for LoudTwitter exclusive usage. Vox also gives you the ability to configure this email to automatically tag the post or apply custom privacy settings.

You can also login using your Vox blog address in the openid login field.

Movable Type

Movable Type is very flexible, it should work using any posting method


LiveJournal has been tested with Atom credentials. But if it doesn't work, we suggest using the post by email feature of your account.

Here are good instructions on how to setup LT with LJ, including advanced features like tagging, using email posting

You can also login using your LJ blog address in the openid login field.

Trusting WP faq1 and faq2, There is no ATOM implementation in WP. Luckily a XML-RPC interface has recently been added to LoudTwitter.

Self Hosted Wordpress

Thought it hasn't been tested it should work using ATOM API, since it appears that wordpress supports it

Blogger (aka blogspot, aka google)

It should work with email posting (you can create a special address just for twitter). Atom posting is not supported.


Email posting has been successfuly tested with tumblr.


let us know!

Loudtwitter is partially back. Please get the latest info from our twitter account and blog. Expects service disturbance for the time being. We're sorry for the inconvenience and work hard to be 100% back online.