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I tweet about site status, and news, sometimes tips. Traffic pretty low (couple per months). I also sometimes do direct help by mean of @replies. I'm loudtweeter.


Yann, I'm doing Loudtwitter on my free time.


under construction

Be aware that LoudTwitter is developed on the spare time of his author, and is not supported by any corporation. That explains why some features are missing or incomplete. If you want to report something, please, be kind :).

LoudTwitter is not related to twitter, which is an independant service. Loudtwitter loves Twitter!


This site is born from a need that Loic Le Meur first expressed. He wanted his tweets on his TypePad blog.

So, he asked me, If I could develop a tool for him. Eventually, I turned the tool into a site as more people were interested by this kind of service.

Site's design

The nice parts in the design of LoudTwitter come from styleshout, I pretty much screwed up the rest myself...

Loudtwitter is partially back. Please get the latest info from our twitter account and blog. Expects service disturbance for the time being. We're sorry for the inconvenience and work hard to be 100% back online.